Road Closures – 3 11 19

Hwy 149 From Erickson Road to West Levee
River Road (Gravel end)
Satartia Holly Bluff Road
Calihan Road
Clear Lake Road
Campbellville Road (gravel end)
Boat Club Road
Boat Club
Steed Lane (wash out in road)
Lake George Road
Townsand Road
Delhi Road
12 Mile Bayou Road
15 Mile Bayou Road
Whites Lane Road
Oak Valley Road
Canal Road
Potato Bayou Road
Ashwood Road
Stewarts Ridge Road
Erickson Road
Berrville Road between Fugates and Scotland (bridge out)

Sharkey County
Dummy Line Road
Low Water Bridge
Goose Lake Road
Spanish Fort Road

Humphreys County
J. T Wood Road
Alamound Road
Shoemake Road
Deerfield Road