Barry continues to inch its way toward the Louisiana coast with some
of the northern bands now moving across southeastern Louisiana.
Barry continues its erratic motion toward the west-northwest at 4 knots.
Barry is still expected to be a hurricane before it makes landfall today.
After landfall, the storm should steadily weakening.

NHC fullsize advisory graphic
* There is a danger of life-threatening storm surge inundation
along the coast of southern and southeastern Louisiana, portions of
Lake Pontchartrain, and portions of coastal Mississippi where a
Storm Surge Warning is in effect. Water levels have already begun
to rise in these areas, with peak inundation expected to occur
later today. The highest storm surge inundation is expected between
Intracoastal City and Shell Beach.

* The slow movement of Barry will result in a long duration heavy
rainfall and flood threat along the central Gulf Coast, across
portions of the Lower Mississippi Valley and north into the
Tennessee Valley through the weekend into early next week. Flash
flooding and river flooding will become increasingly likely, some of
which may be life-threatening, especially across portions of
southeast Louisiana into Mississippi.

* Hurricane conditions are expected along a portion of the coast of
Louisiana, where a Hurricane Warning is in effect. Tropical storm
conditions are expected elsewhere along much of the Louisiana coast
and inland across portions of the lower Mississippi Valley where
tropical storm warnings are in effect.

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