Terrific Tuesday Technology Trainings

Presented by Yazoo County MSU Extension Service

MS State University Extension/Yazoo County will be offering four weeks of Technology Training for free.  Trainings will be held at MSU Extension and will be held at noon.  Please bring a lunch.  We will list trainings in two-week intervals.  This will allow you to take advantage of what you would like to attend.

March 12th – Smartphone Basics – Learn basic features of smartphones, including updating software, taking pictures, sending/receiving messages and emails, downloading apps, browsing the internet, and much more.

March 19th – Social Media 101 – while all similarly developed to stay social online, they each have very distinct features and functions.  Learn how to create and use the tools of Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.)

Please preregister.  Contact Sharon Nettles, MSU Extension Agent at 662-746-2453.

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