Road Closures Update – 4/17/19

Whitiker Road Bridge Out

Eagle Bend Gravel End

Satartia Holly Bluff Road

Clear Lake Road

Campbellville Road (gravel end)

Boat Club Road

Boat Club

Lake George Road

Townsand Road

Delhi Road

12 Mile Bayou Road

15 Mile Bayou Road

Anding Oil City Road Bridge Out

Hilderbrand Road Bridge Out

Powell Road Bridge Out

Canal Road

Potato Bayou Road

Ashwood Road

Goodwin Road

Berrville Road between Fugates and Scotland (bridge out)

Sharkey County

Hwy 16 between Rolling fork and Holly Bluff Beginning 530pm on 3/11/19

Dummy Line Road

Low Water Bridge

Goose Lake Road

Spanish Fort Road

Humphreys County

T Wood Road

Alamound Road

Shoemake Road

Deerfield Road


Jack O Willingham


Yazoo County Emergency Management