From: Peter Nimrod – MS Levee Board

  • Hwy 16 in the Delta National Forest between Rolling & Holly Bluff is resurfacing –

however, there is some major damage along this roadway that will need to be repaired

before it is reopened to the public.

  • The Satartia Road east of the Will Whittington East Guide Levee is OPEN.
  • Hwy 465 near Hwy 1 has resurfaced and MDOT will reopen in a few days.

  • Hwy 465 between Hwy 61 and the YBW Levee has resurfaced and MDOT has cleaned it off and will start working on correcting some damage tomorrow.

  • Hwy 465 between the YBW Levee and Eagle Lake has almost completely resurfaced and MDOT has started cleaning off the roadway. MDOT will have to inspect the roadway for any damages before they can reopen Hwy 465.

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