YAZOO RIVER AT YAZOO CITY: Flood Warning continues for until further notice.
Current Stage: 32.46′ …. Flood Stage: 29′
Forecast: The river will continue rising to near 32.6 feet by early
Monday morning.

YAZOO RIVER AT SATARTIA: Current Stage: 36.88′Flood Stage: 35′

WOLF LAKE: Current Stage: 95.31
Wolf Lake was expected to crest at 95’???? No updated crest level available….
Wolf Lake is CLOSED to all recreational boating until further notice.

BIG BLACK RIVER NEAR BENTONIA: The Flood Warning continues until Monday afternoon.
Current Stage: 25.74′Flood stage: 22′.
Forecast: The river will continue falling and will fall below
flood stage early Monday morning.

BIG SUNFLOWER NEAR ANGUILLA: Current Stage: 43.51′ Flood stage is 45′.
Forecast: The river will fall to near 43′ Wednesday Morning.

BIG SUNFLOWER NEAR HOLLY BLUFF: Current Stage: 92.81′ Flood Stage: 95.0′

The Steele Bayou Structure Gates are currently CLOSED.
The Steele Bayou Structure Gates are predicted to re-open around the first of February.
The Yazoo Backwater is predicted to crest is between 92′ to 93′.

MISSISSIPPI RIVER AT GREENVILLE: Flood Warning until Saturday February 01.
CURRENT STAGE: 49.75′ Flood stage: 48′.
Forecast: The river will continue rising and crest near 50.0 feet
by Monday afternoon.

MISSISSIPPI RIVER AT VICKSBURG: Flood Warning until Tuesday February 04.
CURRENT STAGE: 45.56′ Flood stage: 43.0′
Forecast: Forecast flooding increased from Minor to Moderate severity…
The river will continue rising and crest near 46.0 feet by Monday

Do not drive or walk through areas where water covers roadway!

The water may be deeper than it appears.
***Remember…Turn around, don`t drown!***