March 4, 2019

National Weather Service (NWS) has updated its forecast today in Greenville up by .03’ from 56.5’ to 56.8’.


GREENVILLE GAGE predicted to crest at 56.8’on March 11, 2019

BACKWATER predicted to crest between 97’ to 98’

WOLF LAKE predicted to reach 101’


              Flood     Current     Predicted

Gage                   Stage     Stage        Crest & Date

Cairo (Ohio Rv)  40’         56.0’      Crested at 56.5’ on 3/1/19

Memphis            34’         41.4’      41.5’ on 3/6/19

Helena                 44’        49.5’      49.8’ on 3/8/19

Arkansas City     37’        44.1’      44.5’ on 3/10/19

Greenville           48’        56.2’      56.8’ on 3/11/19

Vicksburg            43’        50.1’      51.5’ on 3/13/19

Natchez               48’        56.3’      58.0’ on 3/15/19


The Steele Bayou Structure Gates were closed February 15th.  The Backwater (landside) is at 95.28’ and the riverside is at 99.12’. With the water currently on the ground and the rainfall predicted over the next 7-days the Backwater looks like it will get to around 97’ to 98’.

The Backwater has overtopped several roads: Blanton Road (92’), Spanish Fort Road (92.5’), Goose Lake Road (93.4’) and Low-water Bridge Road (93.7’).

Hwy 465 on the protected side of the levee will go underwater when the backwater reaches 95.5’.

At 97’ there will be over 500,000 acres flooded in the South Delta.


Wolf Lake is currently at 98.63’ and predicted to crest around 101’.


MDOT closed Hwy 465 on the riverside of the levee on February 23rd

 MDOT is closing HWY 465 today between 5:00-6:00 PM on Monday (March 4th) between the  Yazoo Backwater Levee and the Eagle Lake Gin. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MSDWF&P) has written the Mississippi Levee Board asking us to keep the Brunswick Extension Levee locked off due to the thousands of deer that are trapped on that levee. These deer are trapped by Mississippi River floodwater on the riverside and Backwater flooding on the landside. Therefore, when MDOT closes Hwy 465 today , the Levee Board will lock off the Yazoo Backwater Levee at Hwy 61. From that point forward Eagle Lake residents will then have to travel up Hwy 61 to Onward, MS, then take Hwy 1North,  and then take Hwy 465 South to get back and forth to Eagle Lake. The Mississippi Levee Board realizes that this is a terrible inconvenience for the Eagle Lake residents – but we are looking out for the safety of the public. This is a historic backwater flood – one we haven’t seen since 1973.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers inspectors are inspecting the levee and will continue to inspect throughout the duration of the highwater event.  No issues have been found. The Mississippi Levee Board staff & crew stand ready to perform necessary flood fighting work. At this forecast crest we do not anticipate any major issues on the protected side of the levee.

We will continue monitoring the situation and keep you informed.

Peter Nimrod

Chief Engineer

MS Levee Board