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First dose appointments: If you are having trouble finding an available appointment, check back each morning for new openings. New vaccination appointment openings are added regularly, with a large number expected early each week (Mondays or Tuesdays).
Second dose appointments: You can now make your second-dose appointment as soon as you schedule your first vaccination at one of our drive-through sites. Look for scheduling information in your first dose confirmation e-mail. Remember that your second dose appointment should be made 3-5 weeks (for Pfizer vaccine) or 4-6 weeks (Moderna) from your first vaccination.
Eligibility: Adults 65 and over, and those ages 18-64 with certain chronic health conditions are now eligible for vaccination in addition to healthcare personnel and EMTs/paramedics. Vaccinations are provided to Mississippi residents or to out-of-state residents who work in Mississippi.
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More than 275,000 Mississippians have had their first dose vaccinations against COVID-19, with more than 150,000 vaccinations going to adults aged 65 or older. Keep up with vaccination progress with our daily Mississippi COVID-19 Vaccination Report
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New cases of COVID-19:
New COVID-19 related deaths:
Long-Term Care Facilities
• New LTC facility cases: 18
• New LTC facility deaths: 3
• Active outbreaks: 125
Mississippi hospital bed usage:
• Patients currently hospitalized for confirmed COVID-19: 690
• Patients currently in intensive care for confirmed COVID-19: 195
• Available intensive care beds statewide: 105