Children’s Promise Act Receives $150,000 Donation From Guaranty Bank


BELZONI – Hue Townsend, President & CEO of Guaranty Bank & Trust Company, today announced that the bank has donated $150,000 to eligible and qualifying non-profit schools as part of the Children’s Promise Act of Mississippi. The donation comes on the heels of a $200,000 donation to the Mississippi First Pre-K initiative made just weeks ago by the Belzoni-based bank.
The Children’s Promise Act was passed in 2019 by the Mississippi Legislature to provide much-needed financial support to the state’s foster care systems and to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children. According to documents provided by the program, most non-profit schools “should qualify as beneficiaries” under the program.
The Act was designed to provide educational services to children suffering from significant risk of entering foster care as well as children who have chronic illnesses or disabilities, along with children who are entitled to reduced-charge meals programs.
“Our Legislature has been proactive in creating the Children’s Promise Act,” Townsend said. “We are privileged to participate as a significant donor to this program, with the sole intent of assisting children in need in our communities and across the region.”

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