Bears are on the move!



The warmer days of spring and the annual greening up of the

landscape brings with it increased activity by black bears

throughout the state. Although our bears do not truly

hibernate, they do exhibit a period of torpor, or decreased

activity during the winter months. This is primarily due to a

lack of adequate food resources to sustain them and also

because females are denned up giving birth to cubs during

this time. As bears become more active, they are actively

searching for food which may bring them into conflict with

humans living in bear-occupied areas of Mississippi.

MDWFP has partnered with other southeastern states to create

BearWise, a website resource to share ways to

prevent conflicts, provide resources to resolve problems, and

encourage community initiatives to keep bears wild.

The Six BearWise Basics are:
➼ Never Feed or Approach Bears
➼Secure Food, Garbage and Recycling
➼ Remove Bird Feeders When Bears Are Active
➼ Never Leave Pet Food Outdoors
➼ Clean & Store Grills
➼ Alert Neighbors to Bear Activity

These are all preventative measures which, if implemented, usually will

prevent any potential human-bear conflicts. Remember, bears’ activities

are normally guided by their desire to find a readily and easily available

food source. Over 90% of a black bear’s diet is plant material (grass, forbs,

berries, nuts, acorns) and in early Spring most of these resources are not

yet available on the landscape.

To learn more about bears, please visit and if you would

like to report a bear sighting, please visit

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